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History of Propel Fitness Water

Business has been on the rise in the past few decades. A number of new products have been introduced by successful brands and some of these products have achieved well known recognition. One of such products is Propel fitness water. Propel water was introduced by leading sports drink company, known as Gatorade. The primary purpose of the Propel water was to provide vitamins and antioxidants to people as natural water fails to provide it. There have been a lot of study on this product of Gatorade and it has been termed by experts as flavored water which provides you with all nutrition’s necessary. The propel water is sponsored by Gatorade and the marketing brain behind it is of Pepsi Co.

In the last two decades, there has been a lot of competition in bottled water. There are many bottled water that are carbonated and few are not. Gatorade had launched propel water to ensure that it does not lag behind in the competition. Propel water is noncarbonated and it was launched to provide customers with an alternative to other drinks that they consume. Pepsi joined hands with Gatorade and they decided to market it in various parts of the world. The composition and the ingredients in propel water are also very important for people to know.

Propel fitness water contains three types of vitamins in it. These vitamins are Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E Acetate. These three vitamins fulfill the need of vitamins and then there are flavors added to this vitamin. There are few other ingredients as well which include potassium citrate, Vitamin B5, Sodium citrate and citric acid. These ingredients add a lot to the nutritional benefits of this drink. A special focus is made on the composition of this drink to ensure that there are no issues with the quality of this drink.

Free Coupons for Propel

As the success of Propel fitness water has increased over the past few years, special coupons are also offered to ensure that customers get the maximum benefit. These coupons are available online and many other schemes are also introduced to ensure that maximum number of customers get access to the propel product. The coupons also provide information about the calories, fats, Sodium; Total Carbohydrates etc in propel water. For example at a serving size of 240ml, there are 10 calories, 3grams of carbohydrates and 35mg of Sodium.

There have been a few controversies associated with the Propel fitness water. The major controversy has been the replacement of previous Sucrose with a new Fructose. This has been added to make the water sweeter but according to analysts the new fructose is not much healthy. They say that it can increase the chances of a person getting diabetic by eighty percent. Well that is a big turn off if Gatorade continues with the label of fitness water. Despite this, the sales of the propel water has been on the rise so far and billions of liters are sold every year.

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